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Welcome to Heatwave!!  I am grateful to have brought hot and heated yoga to Niagara Falls ... my community!

10 years ago, I found yoga, initially for the physical benefits, but quickly learned how this practice could transform other areas of my life.  I noticed a greater ability to combat feelings of anxiety, depression and noticed an overarching improvement in my emotional and mental wellbeing.  In times of life hurdles, yoga has been there to help me through.  I often say that yoga saved my life, and I truly mean that.  I want everyone in the community I grew up in, and continue to live in, to be able to practice yoga and improve their lives!

Join me for a variety of classes led intuitively from my heart.  Explore this practice with me to help you tune into yourself to deepen your personal understanding and to help you live your life authentically for you.  

When I am not "Yogaing", I am teaching Fashion, spending time in nature and raising 2 beautiful little ladies.

Jeanine Barette


Jax McCauley

Through the practices of self love, gratitude, meditation, journaling, and asana I have discovered my own super power strength — not only physically, but also mentally and energetically. I wake every day and do my best to practice and teach these principles by being a student and teacher of my own body, mind, spirit.

Natalie is a yoga teacher, world traveler, nature lover and a forever student of life.


With training in Baptiste Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Reiki and meditation, Natalie’s classes are designed with balance, self awareness and intuitive movement in mind. Natalie is passionate about mental and physical health, human connection and self exploration. She is the creator of @Keepexpanding; a journey to explore your heart's desires, breaking free from conditionings and self limiting beliefs through yoga, meditation, self reflection and adventure! When she is not on her mat or dancing around in her living room you will find her hiking, kayaking or leading bicycle tours in NOTL. Natalie welcomes all with open arms and looks forward to practicing and expanding with you on the mat. 



Natalie Rogers

Hello there! My name is Alyssa and I've been teaching yoga for almost 3 years now. I still can't believe I've taught a single class to be completely honest. What I aim to bring to class is my connection to our natural world. Other than my deep appreciation for plants, I love learning about the human body, mind and spirit connection. If I'm not on my mat you'll find me: outside, caffeinated, working or singing 80's Essential Hits in my car. I am always open for book recommendations! 

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Alyssa Enns

Alyssa has completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, 20HR Trauma Sensitive Training, 25HR Yin Teacher Training, 20HR Meditation Facilitation Training along with her Reiki Level 1 and 2. 

Marlies is a native of St. Catharines, yoga instructor and energy healer. She is a holistic health coach and a passionate proponent of love and community, working for lululemon facilitating and supporting all kinds yoga-based events in Niagara. She has completed her 200hr YTT in the Tulita Yoga Method, which unveiled her spirited passion for teaching. She believes that yoga is a deep-seated practice of cultivating inner and outer awareness and is best practiced mindfully on the mat as well as off the mat. She understands that every individual lands on their mat for different reasons and holds space for all needs, welcoming all yogis alike. Expect a balanced, heart-based class that fuses hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga along with a sweet kick of pilates woven into lightheartedness. Often referred to as an individual that flows through life, anticipate leaving her class feeling balanced, uplifted and connected.


Marlies Lagace

Meagan Santa

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Nancy is a movement specialist who advocates for optimal wellness with her students and private clients. Her career in physical movement commenced with her degree in Physical and Health Education at the University of New Brunswick where she was a varsity athlete. Her passion for movement led her to yoga, where she discovered the full-circle she had been searching for. The connection of body, mind and spirit, in full self-expression through controlled movement and meditation had her hooked.

Certified in Yoga Tune Up®, Hatha, and Power Vinyasa and Meditation practices Nancy has become an advocate for “Practice” and has fallen in love with leading people to respect and honour their mind and body through movement, mobility and meditation. Her contagious passion is rooted in her ageless attitude, living her own life with intention and self-compassion. The results allow people to live a life of less pain, improved posture and enhanced performance in simple everyday tasks, as well as their extra-curricular activities.

Nancy Drope

Nancy is a mother of four beautiful children, and 2 dogs who inspire her to be a better person and mother everyday. Her wish for you is to acknowledge where you are in your own “Wellness Practice” and explore new possibilities by joining her in a class or workshop.

Hey, I’m Amanda! If you need me and I'm not doing yoga, I’m most likely outdoors - on a hike, walking my dog, jumping in a lake, paddle boarding, you get the idea! My need for movement is what led me to yoga. Growing up, I tried every sport under the sun, and that is what sparked my love for movement. When I took my first yoga class (circa 2009), I immediately fell in love with the remarkable physicality of yoga - the flexibility, balancing, strength. It wasn’t until later in my years of practicing yoga where I discovered the challenges and possibilities that yoga provides through exercising your mind. My work as a yoga teacher and student is seeing students for who they are, and celebrating it all! I teach to possibility by instilling the belief that we are all already the greatest version of ourselves - we simply need to believe it. Join me for lots of leap frogs, after class chats and good tunes! 


Amanda Ruzylo

Hi I'm Duane.  I am a certified RYT 500 from Modo International.  I consider myself a spiritual seeker from an early age, and I think that is why I feel a deep connection to Yoga.  It's also the reason I like to infuse my classes with the space necessary for your to connect with your own internal world. 


Please join me in the hot room as we explore the joy of movement and meditation with the aim of balancing mind, body and spirit.

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Duane Rowsell

Hi I'm Jen! I can be found in the hot room, in the sun, with my fam + friends, or at a concert.  I'm obsessed with music and I'm obsessed with yoga! I have always lived an active lifestyle ... I love to move + flow.  I figure skated for many years of my life and continue my love of movement through all types of fitness - Pilates, running and then power yoga.  Yoga gave me the spark.  It is the best thing I've done in my life and also one of the most challenging.  My mat is a place where I connect my mind and my body, connect my movement with my breath, and have the choice to come to my edge every single day - I sweat, I move, I work, I breathe, I love, I feel. As a yoga teacher and student, I want to share my passion and empower others to step into their own grace and strength ... I would describe my teaching style as energetic, fun and powerful ... creating an opportunity to experience the dance of yoga.  (Epic playlists included) I cannot wait to meet all of you!!!


Jen Romiti

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