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Class Types

Heatwave Spicy Flow

Join our high-energy Vinyasa practice suitable for all levels! Experience the magic of sequenced and non-sequenced flow, postures linked with pranayama, and the elements of Power Yoga in a non-traditional way. Each class offers a different experience based on your teacher's creative choice and background. Join us on your mat and see where our movement takes us! No pre-requisite, everyone is welcome!

Heatwave Rest and Restore

Join our Rest and Relax Flow to unwind and replenish before the work week ahead. This gentle flow focuses on intention setting to help you relax and prepare for the week. Our skilled teacher will guide you through a variety of traditional and non-traditional Yoga movements to promote deep relaxation and reduce stress. You'll move slowly and mindfully through each posture with a focus on the breath, allowing you to sink deeper into each stretch. With detailed cuing and creative sequencing, you'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All levels are welcome.

Heatwave Deep Flow

Join our Vinyasa class to experience the magic of sequenced and non-sequenced flow, postures linked with pranayama, and build a stronger mind, body, and heart. Each class offers a unique experience with longer, deeper postures, and added attention to hip and heart openers. With your teacher's guidance, you'll find new depths and challenge yourself to find your edge. Access a non-traditional flow and take your practice to the next level. Join us today!

Heatwave Zen Flow

Experience a gentle yet deep approach to Hatha flow Yoga, combining breath, flowing postures, and meditation. Discover body awareness, inner strength, and easeful opening through linked Yoga poses. Enhance your practice with warm candlelight and ambient music in a dynamic class that stretches and lengthens every muscle in your body from head to toe. This soothing and relaxing class is perfect for those times when you want the benefits of Yoga without the intense workout. Unwind and replenish as you let go and enjoy the slow flow. All levels are welcome.

Heatwave Flow

Join our slowed-down alignment class for traditional and non-traditional Yoga movements to deepen your posture foundation. The teacher offers building blocks, modifications, and sun salutation alternatives, boosting your confidence for Vinyasa Class while maintaining a challenge. Enhance functional motion ranges and body awareness with detailed cues, creative sequencing, and props. Ideal if you're hesitant about a Spicy Vinyasa Class or have physical limitations. All levels are welcome.

Heatwave Power Flow

Get ready to build strength, engagement, and alignment with Heatwave Power! This dynamic class combines flowing sequences with specifically cued poses to challenge you both physically and mentally. Push, pull, press, and sweat your way to a stronger and more powerful you!

Heatwave Sculpt

Get ready to sweat and explore creative, strength-based movement within a vinyasa flow. This class offers an opportunity to connect breath and movement, build heat, and strengthen your core. Let your mind settle as you move through heat building flows and specifically cued poses.

Heatwave Yang to Yin

Experience a duality of movement in this class, starting with an active, heat-building flow to move energetically. Halfway through, shift into a slower yin practice with restorative poses held for a longer time to encourage deep relaxation and restoration.

Heatwave Yin

Indulge in the gentle, restorative practice of Yin Yoga, where poses are held for extended periods to access deep connective tissues and encourage a sense of calm. Drawing on the principles of Chinese medicine, this slow-paced class promotes a reflective, inward focus that can soothe the nervous system. The ambiance is enhanced with the warm glow of candlelight and a cozy room temperature. Discover the transformative power of Yin Yoga and nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

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Heatwave Yoga
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