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Heatwave Yoga was an idea built out of the love for the practice of Yoga, primarily, hot Yoga.  This centuries old moving meditation guides it’s practitioners to a deeper understanding of self.  Yoga strengthens the mind, body and soul and teach how these elements of being can work together to improve the health and well being of any one who practices.  In our modern world, the necessity to remove distractions and move inward has never been more important.  People are on the verge of power surge and need opportunities to find peace within.  We are passionate that our studio will be a sanctuary for this practice and will make a mark in allowing people internal freedom.

First Class Tips

Bring your mat, a water bottle and a small towel.  If you have a yoga block, bring that too!  Arrive a bit early for a little tour and to settle into your mat.  Remember this is your practice so listen to your body.

*B Mat mats are for sale for $80 *

About Us

 Heatwave Yoga is the premier hot yoga studio in Niagara Falls! 

Join us for practice in various styles of yoga taught by some of Niagara's most dynamic and sought after teachers. Our studio is Hot!!  We offer a few less heated classes, check the schedule. 


Come and experience the amazing benefits a heated practice can bring.  Allow the beautiful infrared heat to add greater depth into your poses and welcome the additional detoxification the heat ushers in.

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Contact Us

Heatwave Yoga
6080 McLeod Rd.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Tel: 905-512-6798


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