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Image by Ginny Rose Stewart

 Heatwave Yoga is the premier Hot Yoga studio in Niagara Falls! 

 Heatwave Yoga 

Welcome to Heatwave Yoga, the oasis of transformative Yoga in the heart of Niagara!


Our studio, famed for diverse yoga styles and expert instructors, is the go-to place for anyone looking to experience the benefits of both intense and gentle heated practices.


Dive into the enhanced depth and detoxification offered by our unique infrared heat sessions. Explore our schedule to find the perfect class and experience why we’re Niagara’s preferred choice for holistic well-being and balance.


Remember, at Heatwave Yoga, “You do You.” Sign up now and start your journey towards a balanced and healthier self!!!

Come Sweat With Us

Heatwave Yoga
6080 McLeod Rd.

Niagara Falls, Ontario 


Can't wait to sweat with you

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